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OEM No. 227702184R Pressura differentialis DPF Sensor


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The The DPF differential pressure sensor is usually mounted in the engine compartment to protect it from heat. The sensor is connected to the engine control unit (ECU) by an electrical connector and connected to the DPF via two silicon hoses. Unus ante annectit caligarum (stabat super aquas fluminis) AWD est, alter post annectit (inferior) in filter. By measuring and comparing the difference in pressure of the exhaust gas before and after the filter, the sensor can estimate the amount of DPM that is trapped in the filter and signal the PCM to start the DPF regeneration process.

Productum characteres

I.Alia ex parte nulla .: 0281006252,7472314

II.Lobortis sapien

III.Compatibility: Vel ad hoc sensorem Vices Nissan

IV.Compositio: 50pcs

V.Condition: New C%

VI.Natura: Aftermarket pars

VII.Mole, mole Northmanni

VIII.Suspendisse: XII mensibus

IX.Testing Certification: IATF16949: MMXVI

Notitia sheet

Singula enormitate et mole corporis sarcina:* * 5cm 5cm 7cm / 100g


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